uniqon loan & advances management

Uniqon Loan & Advances Management Add-on

Uniqon Loan & Advances Management Add-on provides you the tools to transact Employee loans, advances, deductions etc.

It provides you the tools to automatically prepare loan ledger, balance summary and monthly, quaterly, yearly reports.

Uniqon HR & Payroll Software

We make payroll easy so you can focus on your business

Uniqon Loan & Advances Management lets you define loan types, schedule payment terms and periods, calculate EMI and configure loan approval and sanctioning.

Automation deductions, loan pre-payment, adjustments, closure are a breeze with our loan & advances management add-on.

And Yes it is fully integrated with Uniqon HR & Payroll Software for efficient loan management system.

Uniqon Loan & Advances Management Features

  • Loan / Advance Requests
  • Overdue Notices
  • Process Loans
  • Loan Aprroval System
  • Sanction Loans
  • Generate Loan Schedule
  • Loan Closure
  • Reschedule Loans
  • EMI Calculation
  • Loan Settlement
  • Payment Carry Forward
  • Pre Payment Facility
  • Automatic Salary Deductions
  • Define Loan Types
  • Loan Payment History
  • Alerts & Notification

Uniqon Payroll Software Best Suited For

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Auto Workshops
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium sized Businesses
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Adinistrative Offices
  • Schools & Educational Institutes
  • Security Agencies