uniqon claim & expenses management

Uniqon Claims & Expense Management Add-on

Uniqon Claims & Expense Management Add-on allows you to track and reimburse travel claims and other miscellaneous expenses.

Its quick & easy to configure and roll out and ensures accurate reimbursement of employee claims.

Uniqon HR & Payroll Software

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View claim details and history of claims per employee. Peruse reports of expense history department or team wise.

Setup multi-level approval chain for claims and expense reinbursement. Approve or reject claims, expenses.

Trigger reminders of claim and expense requests to approvers. Notify request approvals to concerned employee who submit the claim or expense reimbursement request.

Uniqon Claims & Expense Management Add-on Features

  • Setup Claim / Request Policies
  • Define Claim & Expense Types
  • Capture Claims & Expense Requests
  • Upload Claim Requests
  • Setup Approvers
  • Setup Approval Chains
  • Approve or Reject Requests
  • Travel Claims
  • (LTA) Leave Travel Allowance
  • Setup Mileage Rates
  • Entertainment Expenses
  • Setup Cost Centers
  • Create Unlimited Pay Heads
  • Per Diem Payments
  • Track Claims & Expenses
  • View Claim & Expense History
  • Approve Request Reminders
  • Approvall Alerts & Notification
  • MIS Reports

Uniqon Payroll Software Best Suited For

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Auto Workshops
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium sized Businesses
  • Infrastructure Companies
  • Adinistrative Offices
  • Schools & Educational Institutes
  • Security Agencies