Payroll Solutions with integrated HRM

Cheque PictureWhether you manually manage your payroll yourself or outsource it, we can help you do it better. Now easyPayMe with integrated HRM provide's a better way to manage your workforce.

Our primary goal is to help reduce your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Our payroll solutions are specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, other UAE Emirates and the Middle East (Gulf - GCC) region and are robust, yet flexible and low cost.

easy-Pay-Me! - HR & Payroll Software Services

easyPayMe is a Quick,Calculator Picture Simple & Easy Payroll System that allows you to process payroll in real-time, ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control.

With fully integrated Human Resources Management Software (HRIS, HRMS) capabilities easyPayme allows you to efficiently manage your employee data throughout the employment cycle.

Interfacing capabilities with Employee Time-and-Attendance Systems, General Ledger along with Custom Reporting easyPayMe affords you an elegant solution to all your tough HR and Payroll Processing challenges. To find out more go to easyPayMe HR & Payroll Software page.

easyPayMe for Peachtree and Quickbooks

Cheque PictureWant to integrate your Payroll and HR with the Peachtree and QuickBooks Accounting Application? Use easyPayMe for Peachtree and easyPayMe for Quickbooks Edition which will help you to easily and seamlessly integrate with these financial applications giving you complete control on your Payroll. Read more about easyPayme HR & Payroll for Peachtree and easyPayme HR & Payroll for Quickbooks.

easyPayme - Customized HR and Payroll - Different strokes for different folks

Cheque PictureWorried about your company's specific and unique HR & Payroll requirements?

We customize easyPayMe HR and Payroll or build complete new application(s) to suit your company’s specific (HR) Human Resources and Payroll requirements. Go to our Custom Software Development page to know more.

Freedom with easyPayMe! Online Web based HR and Payroll

Be in control ! No matter where you are.

With easyPayMe Online Web based Edition you can run your business payroll anytime, anyplace there’s an Internet connection. Now isn’t that easy ?

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